21.06.2018 - 24.06.2018

Хедлайнером головної сцени стане Jamiroquai

All city entertainments in one place
  • Main Stage

    This part is the biggest one. There are 3 scenes at once. The first scene is for world idols, the second – for Ukrainian artists, and on the third one is for electronic musicians



  • My Music Stage

    The best of young Ukrainian music

  • Stand-up

    It's just 3 days of hysteria unbelievably good stand-up shows of different formats from different countries and in different languages

  • Сinema Stage

    What is cinema? And what is Ukrainian cinema? When was it born and how developed, what is happening to it now and what's in the future?

  • Kids zone

    <p>An excellent opportunity for the kids - the KidsWill professions' city! And non-stop fun at LEGO-zone, FUN-Time, exciting contests, dances and many other interesting things in the company of favorite heroes are waiting for them.</p>

  • Night Stage

    They say Kyiv at night is incredible. Let's check it on Night Stage?

  • City Sport

    Parkour, vert aggression, skateboarding, BMX on ramp and flatland – if you know all these words, you must be here. If you do not know them, you must be here even more

  • Blogging

    This area will be interesting for those who are fond of online content or have their favorite bloggers or who wants to start his or her own career on the Internet.

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