Main Stage

This part is the biggest one. There are 3 scenes at once - Main Stage, My Music Stage & Night Stage

At the Main Stage you'll see the world-famous music idols

The first headliner of the main scene, Jamiroquai, is the legend of the British jazz funk, the owner of the Grammy and a huge number of music fan hearts all over the world. At BELIVE Jamiroquai presents his new album "Automaton" and plays his favorite hits.


Also there will be an indie rock band Everything Everything at the festival. This British tornado made from eccentric vocal and hard rhythms is highly valued by both listeners and musical critics. Everything Everything will perform your favorite hits and tracks from their new mini-album "A Deeper Sea"



HURTS - the Manchester gloriously sombre and alsmost obscene boy-duo, who managed to conquer the whole world in incredibly short terms. Their first two albums 'Happiness' and 'Exile' immediately hit the top-charts in Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Finland and then spread all over.

Theo and Adam got enormous awards: ECHO Awards, Shockwaves NME Awards, Musikexpress Style Award, MTV Germany Movie Awards, Bamby Awards and others

HURTS themselves say they play 'emotional electronic music'. We'd call it 'lushly mournful electronic pop music that recalls the epic synth melodramas' 

Join us to enjoy with us