Second Kyiv International Stand Up Comedy Week at the festival!

Andrey Shabanov - stage moderator. He is a laughter guru, who prepared for you three days of best performances in various formats from novices and stars of the scene! The biggest open microphone in the country awaits you. Every day, fearless, young and promising comedians from different parts of Ukraine will come to the scene to laugh at our jury. The best of them will be able to perform at the gala concert, which will take place on the last day.


- June 22, Natalya Garipova

The winner of the stand-up of the festival O'Fest, 1st International Standup Comedy Week, twice the winner of the "Laxette comedy" program and participant of the Great concert with Dylan Moran.

- June 23, Dmitry Romanov

Odessa with magnificent bangs and jokes about parents, himself and others. Participant of the Stand Up project and "Big Difference".

- June 24, Stand-up UNION

The most popular stenpad project of the Republic of Belarus. A team of ten participants performed at the StanDap Show, Laughing Comedian and other shows.

All this and more - on the fun stage of the BeLive 2018 festival! Come download your mood for a year ✌️